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Smart TV Alliance's open HTML-based solutions ensure its flexibility and allow partners to select their own preferred technology to create interactive experiences. This gives Smart TV Alliance partners freedom from 'tight grid' developments Read more...
Build once, run everywhere. The SDK supports a simple yet great looking interface to give a perfect connected device experience. Products supporting the Smart TV Alliance's specifications will be able to run your App. Download SDK Specification...
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Interact with consumers in the comfort of their own homes via Smart TV Alliance. Our Smart TV Alliance partners bring their services straight to the TV screens of customers, resulting in direct and close contact with viewers. Read more..
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Smart TV Alliance announced the latest news including introduction of 'Common Developer Portal' enhances Developer Support Program and Software Development Kit 3.0, "build once, run everywhere" promise at a press event during CES 2014 show in Las Vegas, January.8,2014. View Presentation.

Q&A with Alliance Leaders on Smart TV Operating Systems

What is the purpose of the Smart TV Alliance?
Eugene Yoo: The goal of the Smart TV Alliance is to bring together the fragmented universe of TV manufacturers, content providers, app developers and technology partners to simplify development and delivery of content across various devices and platforms. In order to achieve this, the Alliance chose to work with open HTML5-based standards, ensuring flexibility and interoperability with various devices and technologies. This choice also means that the Smart TV Alliance is agnosHc to any underlying operaHng system (e.g., webOS, Firefox OS, Android, etc.) since soluHons provided by the Alliance run on top of the Smart TV Alliance compliant browser.
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